Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Conflicting Principles

Yo yo yo,

Alright, it's time for another posting purely fueled from my pissed-off attitude. As I have grown older (I won't say necessarily wiser), my reactions to incidents and beliefs to life have transformed. For the better or worse (It's all personal opinion), I have progressed into a more pacifistic individual, but there are times when I find myself wanting to lash out. This is one of those moments.

"Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you." Known as the Golden Rule this guideline to social interaction has permeated throughout many different beliefs. In essence this phrase is a terrific way to govern one's actions but what does one do when you are constantly wronged and used?

With my growing personal beliefs I have slowly started to realize that I don't put up with repetitive abusive behavior. When I feel that someone is abusing my kindness, I typically go bipolar on them. Sometimes, my response to this is, "I just want to punch them in the face." Not that I ever could bring myself to such a violent response, that phrase just best expresses how upset I am.

Now, to the subject of this rant. Without going into too much detail that exposes this person, I'll briefly summarize the situation with "hypotheses." Let's say someone has used resources and possessions without any form of consideration or respect. In summary, let's say that aside from emotional damages, the grand total comes close to around several thousand dollars over the past few months. Now, my conflicting question is: "Is there a point where 'Doing unto others...' loses its purpose?"

To combat this phrase I'll use another common saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." So, if one's behavior never changes should I thus adapt my interaction with them in order to protect myself or do I continue to present me and my assets vulnerable to such arrogant narcissism? Even with my Christian beliefs, I have difficulty allowing myself to constantly being used. Ultimately, can't one tie such neglect to vandalism? So many conflicting views, thankfully I don't have to deal with this issue. Those close to me do.

Everything up until this point has been just angered ramblings while looking for some justification for the way I feel. Unfortunately, writing things down haven't helped me deal and I don't feel like writing much more. Thus here's my verdict to the situation: I'm still going to say, "I'd punch them in the face." They're just lucky they don't have to deal with me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Creative Juices

In the past few weeks, I have been following several webcomics along with reading quite a bit. With all this reading my brain has started to think of how awesome it would be to tell a story. To create a plot line and allow the reader to take a ride with my characters. I'm not the most inventive or creative guy. Quite honestly, my first B in high school came from art class, but perhaps that was calling upon a different medium for my ideas to flow and my ideas are too linear to be put in picture. That's what I'll keep telling myself as I toy with my idea for a side project.

Now, as to what I want to do. Erik and I have had several discussions on a story that we could add to the Batman universe. He would handle the artwork and I would work with the text and story. We have actually written up a plot line but are now having to add the other details and even smaller details. I don't know if we'll ever get around to finishing it, but it was a good start for me I believe.

Another idea I had was to actually write a short story, but my grammar and writing prowess is nowhere close to being up to par with that idea. Also, I have ideas for stories but once again it's the details that hold me up. The character development, descriptions, and dialogue trip me up whenever I even try to start the actual writing process.

I have a slight fantasy that someday I could become famous. Mix this with the realization that I have next to no chance of ever becoming a house-hold name, I have toyed with the idea of writing a script for a show or movie. Drawing off stories heard or seen, I would love to portray an accurate view of college. Anytime I watch something based on college, it's so far twisted from the truth that I actually struggle to enjoy it. I'd love to bring something to the media that is a better portrayal of some of the best years of everyone's life, but I have no idea where to start with writing a script. Hmmm... Probably should google that.

Finally - and probably most realistically - I wouldn't mind starting a webcomic or comic in general. Without having to do too much character development, I could introduce people and let their actions or expressions explain their personality. There's never need for a large elaborate story. No need for smart dialogue. I don't technically need to have a plot. These awesome tidbits have gotten me seriously considering writing a comic, but alas, my lack of artistic talent haunts me once again. What's a comic without the pictures? Also, how can I make my comic more original than others? These are the two damning questions that I can't seem to figure out yet.

Just thought I'd update you briefly in my life. Nothing of great importance but I thought that if I'm lucky enough I could possibly get some juices flowing from writing everything out or better yet maybe some opinions from those few that read this blog. Hope the summer is treating everyone as awesome as it's treating me! Peace yo!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Consequences and Ethical Dilemmas in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Since I don't seem to post much on this website anymore, I decided that the one paper required out of me this semester should probably be posted. This is the paper that I chose to write for my Ethics in Engineering and Science course. Didn't think much about my choice, until I started to research more into the topic. There was some upsetting information to be found. It's sad to hear that just under 50% of the population knows about this incident. 

Not that you'll learn much from my paper, but at least it makes for a little more literature on the Tuskegee syphilis study to float around on the internet. Here's the paper:

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study has reached a level of infamy equivalent to such disasters as the experiments done by the Nazis during the Holocaust or the atomic bombings of Japan. With many innocent and ill-informed subjects hurt, there have been many distortions to fact and fiction. Ranging from the horrific truth that the subjects involved in the experiment were called cadavers to the equally terrifying lie that the men were injected intravenously with syphilis, sifting through the information to form knowledgeable conclusions has proven to be quite the task. The unfortunate truth is that this event happened thus it is necessary to evaluate the study’s processes and results to best learn from its compromise of human rights.

            In 1932 when the forty year study was started, the United States Public Health Service claimed syphilis was prevalent in more than 30% of African-Americans. This astonishing statistic was countered with the proposal to study untreated syphilis and the Tuskegee Institute agreed to partner with the research. Tuskegee, Alabama, was chosen as the location for the study. The subjects were found through a broad testing of the poor African-American communities in Tuskegee. The men who fit the criteria for the study were told they could receive free treatment for “bad blood,” a common nickname for syphilis.

Roughly six hundred African-American men participated in the study – 399 with a later stage of syphilis and 201 uninfected men were used for a control group. Allan Brandt explains:


Vonderlehr [the doctor performing the Wasserman tests] found that only the offer of treatment elicited the cooperation of the men. They were told they were ill and were promised free care. Offered therapy, they became willing subjects. The USPHS [United States Public Health Services] did not tell the men that they were participants in an experiment; on the contrary, the subjects believed they were being treated for ‘bad blood.’ (Reverby 21-22)


This deception was only the beginning of a morally questionable scientific study. As stated in the introduction to her book Tuskegee’s Truths: Rethinking the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Reverby states, “The Tuskegee Study could be seen as just one of many violations of basic moral codes when science goes ‘bad’.” (Reverby 2)

            The studies performed on the men consisted of multiple examinations and a spinal tap to test for neurosyphilis. In order to deceive the subjects into thinking that they were receiving treatment, non-effective drugs were handed out to the men instead of giving them the proper care for their syphilis. This study of the untreated syphilis continued for 40 years until Peter Buxtun, a Public Health Service’s venereal disease interviewer and investigator, leaked the study to the Associated Press. The story’s publication led to a public outcry which finally put the study to rest and gave the still-living infected proper treatment.

            It is important to note that the Tuskegee syphilis study was ended through an act of whistle-blowing. It was not until Peter Buxtun went outside of the Public Health Services that the study was suspended. Whistle-blowing is a delicate procedure. To go outside of the proper protocol to expose your associates’ errors requires careful steps.  Buxtun twice expressed his concerns about the Tuskegee syphilis study to the Centers for Disease Control in hopes that the study could be ended through those in the medical field. After a couple years of being ignored, he finally decided the only way to properly right this horrible study was to disclose information to the Associated Press, who later published the story. While many whistleblowers suffer consequences for their actions, Buxtun actually was well received by the public and praised for his moral ethics.

            After much scrutiny and review, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study has produced many compromises on the ethics practiced during the research. While these technicalities have been altered in the Medical Code of Ethics to eradicate the same abuse in future research, it is still important to study and learn from this previous failure to recognize the value of human rights.

            The study provides several ethical disregards. Most notable is the deception of the participating men. They were told treatments were to be given to help cure their syphilis when there was never any intention by the governing doctors to treat the disease. In a letter from Dr. O.C. Wegner, chief of a venereal disease clinic, to Dr. Vonderlehr, Wegner states, “we have no further interest in these patients until they die” (Reverby 23). One of the few ways this irreverent approach to human life could possibly be argued ethically is through utilitarianism. The thought of being able to benefit the rest of the African-American community and scientific world could ethically justify such a deceptive act; but can one truly justify such an act morally?

            Until 1947, there was no successful treatment found to work on the syphilis-infected African-Americans. This is largely why the study was started, but in 1947 a new drug called penicillin was being used for syphilis treatment. Amazingly, penicillin was declined to all those partaking in the study. Syphilis had been observed for over fifteen years by this point and “25% of the syphilitic group and 14% of the controls of comparable ages had died” (Reverby 402). The need for a continuation of the study was unnecessary. Even an ethical approach of utilitarianism could not dismiss this act. In an effort to explain the attitude taken towards the ethical issues of the study:


A 1976 interview conducted by [Dr. James] Jones with Dr. John Heller, Director of Venereal Diseases at the PHS [Public Health Services] from 1943 to 1948, who stated, “The men’s status did not warrant ethical debate. They were subjects, not patients; clinical material, not sick people.” (Reverby 411)


This disregard for the human rights of the male subjects is astonishing. This statement alone shows the role racism played in the ethical approach to the study. In retrospect, Robert Cassell, a former medical director for the public health department in Bridgeport, Connecticut, states, “The goal of human experimentation must always be to advance the human condition, and to improve the lot of the subjects of the study. These are the sine qua non [(a condition) without which it could not be] of valid medical research.” (Reverby 5).

The scientific method taken in the study at Tuskegee should also be questioned. From the conception of the study, a proper methodology seemed to be ignored. The study was started with no hypothesis to be proven. Nothing was to be changed throughout the process. It was to strictly be an observation of syphilis in the African-Americans. Yearly examinations were to track the disease’s symptoms with a spinal tap to check for neurosyphilis. It wasn’t until necropsy that any valid information was gained and even still, the information just confirmed the previous known fact that syphilis can cause expedited mortality. A hypothesis must be set in order to have a proper scientific method.

            When looking back at such heinous treatment of human lives, one cannot help but think of how things could have been approached differently. Obviously, the participants of the study should have known their symptoms and the purpose of the study before willingly partaking in it. By lying about the study, the doctors deceived the Tuskegee community and the men involved in the study. Also, there should have been proper treatment for symptoms instead of using placeboes especially when penicillin was found as a means for combating the syphilis disease.

            While justification for such an event cannot be warranted, one can look optimistically at how a nation has learned. The event has sparked an informative response that has given “a metaphor for what happens when there is no informed consent, when medical paternalism and arrogance substitute for a consciousness about research ‘materials’ as human beings” (Reverby 4). Also, the study caused a chain reaction that influenced several changes in scientific protocol. “Institutional review boards (IRBS) … must examine most protocols that involve human subjects before research studies begin now exist, in part, because of the revulsion against what happened in Tuskegee” (Reverby 2).

            While studying the Tuskegee syphilis study, one realizes that if an ethical approach had been taken towards the study then all of the issues would have been avoided. If ethics had been applied to the scientific method, knowledgeable consent would have been received from all participants, maximal treatment for all individuals in the study would have been supplied, there would have been a proper handling of information procured, and most importantly the Public Health Services would have avoided compromising their reputation. It has taken until 1997 for the government to issue a formal apology, nearly 25 years after the closure of the incident. How much longer must a nation wait until trust can be restored to those in power?



Reverby, Susan, ed. Tuskegee’s Truths: Rethinking the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2000.

            Tuskegee’s Truths was a collection of works that was composed by Susan Reverby. With the multiple articles and papers within the book, this was the most commonly quoted and referenced book.

White, Dr. Robert. "Challenges in a Narrative About the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis." 2008. Wesleyan University. 4 May 2009 .


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Katz, Dr Ralph, et al . "The Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Assessing its Impact on Willingness to Participate in Biomedical Studies." Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved. 2008. 4 May 2009  .


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Monday, November 17, 2008

Bittersweet Listening

It's been a while since my last post. Much has happened from my last post till now. The US has a new president-elect. I was bed-ridden sick for two days and have gotten better. Halloween has come and gone but the pictures and stories from it live on. Winter has set in and I'm already pulling out the winter jacket. I am finally in favorable sight with my swimmers and they are getting faster with each meet. Lastly and what I'll probably write on, I realized that ska is dying...

With the weather getting cold and work staying mundane and boring, I have taken to listening to a more positive, upbeat tune to help me cope. Obviously, I have turned back to my teen-hood listenings of ska. Much thanks goes to Pandora.com for entertaining me at work with ska radio stations. Five Iron Frenzy, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, OC Supertones, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch-22, Save Ferris, Goldfinger, Toasters, Suicide Machines, Clash, Rancid, Skankin' Pickle... I could go on for a while. All great bands that will get me out of my seat dancing faster than any other type of music. Looking at these names and knowing what I do about each band, ska is going extinct.

There are only a handful of bands still around cranking out music. Mighty Mighty Bosstones are in the studio recording a new album. Their first album in over half a decade. Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish are still putting out albums but there seems to be something lacking in each. It feels like it's just another album for the label. Streetlight Manifesto, being on of the newest addition to the music scene, is the only band that I can think of on some sort of indie/mainstream label playing good ol' ska.

Maybe I really have lost touch to the music scene, but still where ska was once booming in the 90s, it's almost at a dead stop in the late 2000s. This makes me sad. So while listening to my Mighty Mighty Bosstones and bobbing my head, I experience feelings of bittersweet joy. Happy to have been around for the Third Wave of ska but sadly awaiting for the revival of my favorite genre of music, ska.

I can't get over this song. It's such an awesome song. Since there is no music video of it, I'll just paste the lyrics.

"Break So Easily" - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

You would break so easily, so fragile that it frighens me.
A harsh sudden reality, a painful possibility.
To see it's like the strangest dream to be it needs to still be seen.
As loud as any noise you've heard, as quiet as a whispered word.
Try to answer questions forced, forced inside of me.
You were forced across the line, you're not providing me.
You would break so easily, I watched you break so easily.
What's it like to be right up against, not stay on this side of the fence.
A line so fine it can't be traced, a life so suddenly erased.Two came through just like a train.
A flash and nothing's been the same.
Try to answer questions forced, forced inside of me.
You were forced across the line, you're not providing me.
Provinding me with what I need to put a cover on you.
You took the answers when you broke, so easily you're gone.
Once the same until you broke so easily.
Tell me now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day In My Life At Work - Thursday (10/23)

While thinking about what to write my next blog on, I realized that I should possibly capture all my life-changing, exciting moments while at work. I'll do my best to keep this guy time-lined and thorough. It'll be like Twitter but through blog. Anyways, hope you enjoy my life.

7:15 - Alarm goes off, I turn both alarms to what I assume is snooze.

8:05 - I wake up, turned out snooze was actually the off button. Oh well, I can shower and be at work a little after 8:30

8:40 - I arrive at my cubicle. I took my time walking to work. No rush to get there. I sit down and turn on my desk lights and computer.

9:00 - I've checked all three different e-mail accounts and have dealt with several confused swim parents. I now start going through procedural plans on how to manufacture our transmitter. My project requires me to create a process map on a thoroughly detailed account of how the 3150 transmitter is made

9:15 - Bored already. Same thing different numbers. I decide to listen to music. Been using Pandora.com too much so I decide to listen to thesixtyone.com

9:30 - Already watching the clock to see how long till lunch. With most procedure forms already printed off, I decide to check my blog.

9:35 - I come up with this blog's idea and start to chronically jot down my days happenings. I decide to keep this tab open to add as the day goes.

9:45 - My eyes keep stinging and watering . Don't know exactly what that means except maybe my body is starting to suffer from the mundane computer stare-off I have every day.

9:50 - Read my two favorite web comics Least I Could Do (leasticoulddo.com) and Looking For Group (lfgcomic.com).

10:05 - Water break, let's see where this takes me...

10:40 - Water break has ended. Recap of events. Got water. Mixed in tea packet. Talked with friends from old rotation. Got a couple people interested in going to BWW for lunch.

10:45 - Back to work after checking my mail again. Evan twittered a funny video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8fXaJmDbsY)

10:55 - Already have had enough of the indie stuff. Moved back to Pandora.com but created a new station. Yeah, David Bowie...

11:30 - Wow, I actually did work for 30 minutes straight. Got bored and checked Twitter, apparently my favorite web comic character got a facebook account. Of course, I had to find him.

11:45 - Going to eat some BWW.

12:45 - Got back from lunch. Had me some Honey BBQ wings. Cute waitress kept asking our table if we needed refills. Back at the cube, don't want to work. Motivation has hit nil.

12:50 - Decided it's time to work on my daily crossword.

1:10 - Finished crossword. Only needed help with one word. Slowly getting better at those.

1:40 - Been surfing the web, came across an article about a huge spider eating a bird. I think I might be sick. I hate spiders.

1:50 - Too bored... Crossword # 2... I asked for something else to do or else if I could have an interview with my supervisor over what I've developed but he shrugged me off. Sometimes I feel like I'm just here to appease the higher powers that be.

2:05 - Finished this crossword. Struggled throughout it. My right ear of the headphones went out. There goes all stereo sound.

2:35 - Been reading some Darwin Awards. I think my new life goal is to not ever be published in the Darwin Awards.

3:20 - I'm slowing down. Have a severe lack of motivation. Tired of only liberal politic crap. I want something funny and original, not persuasive. I swear, you'd think the President was the freakin' ruler of the universe.

4:20 - Been poking around the web a little, just finished writing a long e-mail to the parents and swimmers or my team. It's around time that I start contemplating just leaving.

4:30 - Just got off the phone with Grandma. She's once again in the hospital. Doing fine, but in the hospital. Anways, screw this noise. I'm outie. Thanks for joining in on the life of Jonathan while at work.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Green Monster

An amazing fact: Jealousy is probably the most prevalent feeling amongst my relationships.

Now, everyone will read that and say, "Dude, that's not cool. You can't be jealous. You have to be indifferent, stoic in your feelings." What do I have to say to that? Nothing. I agree with almost everything they say. No healthy relationship can have the distrust that jealousy brings about. Maybe this alone could explain my current several year stint of bachelorhood? Now to attempt to best explain why these ideas and feelings exist within me.

Have you ever had that sinking suspicion that you're not the coolest and most fun person around? My jealousy derives itself from these questions. How else can you explain possibly being jealous of her gay guy-friends? It's because you feel as if that she enjoys her time with them more than with you. From there the jealousy just festers and grows till the point that you snap and visibly become jealous thus throwing the girl into conniptions.

After reading the last paragraph, you may try giving your pseudo-psychological analysis on my possible low self-esteem. I agree that I'm not the most cocky, arrogant prick around. I find the whole 'belief in oneself' theory as a narcissistic and pretentious attitude to take towards life. Personally, if I could, I'd probably punch every person with this egotistical arrogance in the face. What makes them such a God-send? If they can top my list of achievements in life then be my guest at bragging and acting better than me cause you are, but until then shut up (it's this attitude that leads me to believe that it's not my feelings of low esteem).

Maybe I should assume this demeanor of ego? I keep my mouth shut about so many things purely based on the moral of humility. I know what I've done and I'm proud of it. No sense running around gallivanting about them. But when flunking business majors with zero athletic ability and with even less motivation in their career are able to seduce women with purely their arrogance in NOTHING, then I'm staring down quite the predicament. While girls say what they want is this and this, they completely act differently. Girls in and of themselves are the most mysterious paradigm.

Wow, so the rant has flipped. I've started with myself and now have been able to 180 it back to girls. Anyways, I know this is probably the most nonlinear line of thinking. This comes from the fact that this is a rant and I'm just writing things as they come to me. Allow me to finish by telling the story of what brought about this rant:

On Friday night I took a girl out to see a movie. We have gone on several 'unofficial' dates and there was an obvious attraction to each other along with the given public displays of said affection. After the movie ended, I received a phone call from fellow workmates who were out and about the town. They wanted to meet the girl that was able to get me to shut up and go on a date (I'm quite the cynic on relationships). I ask my date and she seems more than willing to hang with my friends.

The night is going awesome. All my friends are loving my date and she is getting along great with everyone. Then comes the whole friend of a friend situation. Let's call him Foaf. Anyways, I notice that this fellow is attempting to bust-a-move with my date while on the dance floor. I remain cool. It's the dance floor, you're supposed to dance with other people. My friend comes up and mentions something about Foaf and how I need to go 'stake my claim' on my date. This seems preposterous to me because I thought it was kind of already assumed that, since there was visible PDA. Apparently, I was delaing with another cocky SoB.

I go to the dance floor several times whenever the mood stuck but never out of a jealous-driven reason. I went cause I found myself dancing to the song being played. Fast forward the hour or two to when we're walking back to my friends place. Foaf decides this is the perfect opportunity to upstage me with my date. I let them be. I just keep repeating to myself, "I will not be jealous. I have nothing to be jealous about."

We spend 30 minutes at my friends before I drive everyone home. This Foaf guy is relentless. His flirting ranges from the apparent following her around to spilling water on her pants. I've had about enough of the fellow but what do I say or do? "I won't be jealous." He follows us out and at some point must of swapped numbers with my date. "I won't be jealous." Then he immediately starts texting her as I'm driving her home. "I have nothing to be jealous about." She doesn't respond but here's what happened due from that night:

My date is an extremely friendly, flirtateous type that is best defined as having a free spirit. I don't know her extremely well. Was this just an innocent act or do I actually have something to be jealous about? I decide to try an experiment. I text her the next day while she is with friends, just to see how her day has gone. She doesn't text back. All of the sudden, I become the person being ignored. Did I so quickly assume that role the other guys assume when she's with someone? Do I have something to be jealous about? Do I have the reason to not trust her? Cue distrust.

Stupid feelings...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jon's Top 10 '80s List

Ok... So for my first list, I'm going to keep things simple. I'm going to list my top ten '80s POP songs. Mind you that there were many terrific bands in the 80s but this list is reserved strictly for pop songs. Anyways, here's my Top 10 80s Pop song...

10) 'Always Something There To Remind Me' - Naked Eyes

*Classic 80s sound with catchy lyrics and beat

9) 'Cars' - Gary Numan

*Ok, this song might sound annoying to others, but the heavy bass/synth screams everything that 80s pop was about. It is infectious.

8) 'Workin' for the Weekend' - Loverboy

*No need for an explanation on this workplace rallying chant.

7) 'Der Kommissar' - After the Fire

*Took me all last night and part of today but I finally found this stupid song, listen to it once and it's embedded in your brain.

6) 'Once in a Lifetime' - Talking Heads

*Probably one of my favorite bands from the 80s. They had several solid singles but this one stands above the others for its verses where he just talks and the chorus where everything comes together for a fun little diddy.

5) 'Whip It' - Devo

*Face it, you're already singing the song.

4) 'Centerfold' - J. Geils Band

* Solid song with hilarious lyrics. Probably will end up humming them for the rest of the night.

Now for my top 3

3) 'Rock the Cashbah' - The Clash

* Now there might be some arguement as to whether this is technically a '80s pop song, I argue that this is one of the best songs ever written. Even if this was a '80s rock list, it would be on here. This song rules!

2) 'Come on Eileen' - Dexy's Midnight Runners

* Come on, something this cool and it has a banjo! Of course it's in the top 3.

1) 'Take on Me' - A-ha's

* I know that this list doesn't have any hidden gems or anything on it. Pretty typical list right? Well if there's still a song hidden after 20+ years then it was probably hidden for a reason. This song defines '80s pop. End of discussion.

Anyways, I'm not claiming supremacy on anyone else's list or saying that these are THE best songs of the '80s, but I am saying if I was to make a CD with my favorite '80s pop songs. These would be on there. Hopefully you enjoyed this a tad more than my anger possessed scribblings.

* I feel that 'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Rick Astley deserves a mention on this list. Yes, it might be the most annoying song in history but even after some 20 odd years, that song still infects us all. Thank you viral videos...