Sunday, July 12, 2009

Creative Juices

In the past few weeks, I have been following several webcomics along with reading quite a bit. With all this reading my brain has started to think of how awesome it would be to tell a story. To create a plot line and allow the reader to take a ride with my characters. I'm not the most inventive or creative guy. Quite honestly, my first B in high school came from art class, but perhaps that was calling upon a different medium for my ideas to flow and my ideas are too linear to be put in picture. That's what I'll keep telling myself as I toy with my idea for a side project.

Now, as to what I want to do. Erik and I have had several discussions on a story that we could add to the Batman universe. He would handle the artwork and I would work with the text and story. We have actually written up a plot line but are now having to add the other details and even smaller details. I don't know if we'll ever get around to finishing it, but it was a good start for me I believe.

Another idea I had was to actually write a short story, but my grammar and writing prowess is nowhere close to being up to par with that idea. Also, I have ideas for stories but once again it's the details that hold me up. The character development, descriptions, and dialogue trip me up whenever I even try to start the actual writing process.

I have a slight fantasy that someday I could become famous. Mix this with the realization that I have next to no chance of ever becoming a house-hold name, I have toyed with the idea of writing a script for a show or movie. Drawing off stories heard or seen, I would love to portray an accurate view of college. Anytime I watch something based on college, it's so far twisted from the truth that I actually struggle to enjoy it. I'd love to bring something to the media that is a better portrayal of some of the best years of everyone's life, but I have no idea where to start with writing a script. Hmmm... Probably should google that.

Finally - and probably most realistically - I wouldn't mind starting a webcomic or comic in general. Without having to do too much character development, I could introduce people and let their actions or expressions explain their personality. There's never need for a large elaborate story. No need for smart dialogue. I don't technically need to have a plot. These awesome tidbits have gotten me seriously considering writing a comic, but alas, my lack of artistic talent haunts me once again. What's a comic without the pictures? Also, how can I make my comic more original than others? These are the two damning questions that I can't seem to figure out yet.

Just thought I'd update you briefly in my life. Nothing of great importance but I thought that if I'm lucky enough I could possibly get some juices flowing from writing everything out or better yet maybe some opinions from those few that read this blog. Hope the summer is treating everyone as awesome as it's treating me! Peace yo!

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