Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Venting While My MP3 Mocks Me

I decided to use this blog to better express my irritations with the 'streamline' Microsoft has supposedly achieved.

Upon the sad death day of my Creative Zen, my mother kindly donated her Microsoft Zune for a replacement. Terrific, I thought, now I use just the Windows Media Player from now on for all my music listenings on my computer. It went smoothly for the first month and a half.

As fate would have it, my Zune now states the the music on the device has been misplaced or can't be played. WTF? So, I sync it back up with my computer hoping for it to right its wrong. Alas, it screws up my computer giving me my first Blue Screen of Death.

Now, all my music that I use on the Zune was legitimately bought in hard copy form and then ripped to my WMP on the computer. No piracy, no download virus, no reprocussions for doing things illegally, right? Nay, I got the freakin' BSoD!

This pisses me off. I'm going to wipe my Zune's harddrive only to reload the CDs back onto it. That is, if the Zune software and synced hardware don't muck up my computer again. If I get any BSoD, I could very possibly just completely obliterate the existance of Zune on my computer. Then after several ancient Buddhist meditation sessions, I might reconsider giving it another try.

Wrapping up my ranting, I have often thought of switching to the Dark Side and buying an Apple iTouch (wifi capabilities kind of has me hooked), but I have held strong thus far. With new technology coming out, my reasoning has been to save money and get the best bloody freakin' device available. Zune has always been a top leader to me for MP3 devices. I am currently reevaluating those rankings, along with attempting to keep my sanity without my constant sidekick...

Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe

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