Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day In My Life At Work - Thursday (10/23)

While thinking about what to write my next blog on, I realized that I should possibly capture all my life-changing, exciting moments while at work. I'll do my best to keep this guy time-lined and thorough. It'll be like Twitter but through blog. Anyways, hope you enjoy my life.

7:15 - Alarm goes off, I turn both alarms to what I assume is snooze.

8:05 - I wake up, turned out snooze was actually the off button. Oh well, I can shower and be at work a little after 8:30

8:40 - I arrive at my cubicle. I took my time walking to work. No rush to get there. I sit down and turn on my desk lights and computer.

9:00 - I've checked all three different e-mail accounts and have dealt with several confused swim parents. I now start going through procedural plans on how to manufacture our transmitter. My project requires me to create a process map on a thoroughly detailed account of how the 3150 transmitter is made

9:15 - Bored already. Same thing different numbers. I decide to listen to music. Been using too much so I decide to listen to

9:30 - Already watching the clock to see how long till lunch. With most procedure forms already printed off, I decide to check my blog.

9:35 - I come up with this blog's idea and start to chronically jot down my days happenings. I decide to keep this tab open to add as the day goes.

9:45 - My eyes keep stinging and watering . Don't know exactly what that means except maybe my body is starting to suffer from the mundane computer stare-off I have every day.

9:50 - Read my two favorite web comics Least I Could Do ( and Looking For Group (

10:05 - Water break, let's see where this takes me...

10:40 - Water break has ended. Recap of events. Got water. Mixed in tea packet. Talked with friends from old rotation. Got a couple people interested in going to BWW for lunch.

10:45 - Back to work after checking my mail again. Evan twittered a funny video (

10:55 - Already have had enough of the indie stuff. Moved back to but created a new station. Yeah, David Bowie...

11:30 - Wow, I actually did work for 30 minutes straight. Got bored and checked Twitter, apparently my favorite web comic character got a facebook account. Of course, I had to find him.

11:45 - Going to eat some BWW.

12:45 - Got back from lunch. Had me some Honey BBQ wings. Cute waitress kept asking our table if we needed refills. Back at the cube, don't want to work. Motivation has hit nil.

12:50 - Decided it's time to work on my daily crossword.

1:10 - Finished crossword. Only needed help with one word. Slowly getting better at those.

1:40 - Been surfing the web, came across an article about a huge spider eating a bird. I think I might be sick. I hate spiders.

1:50 - Too bored... Crossword # 2... I asked for something else to do or else if I could have an interview with my supervisor over what I've developed but he shrugged me off. Sometimes I feel like I'm just here to appease the higher powers that be.

2:05 - Finished this crossword. Struggled throughout it. My right ear of the headphones went out. There goes all stereo sound.

2:35 - Been reading some Darwin Awards. I think my new life goal is to not ever be published in the Darwin Awards.

3:20 - I'm slowing down. Have a severe lack of motivation. Tired of only liberal politic crap. I want something funny and original, not persuasive. I swear, you'd think the President was the freakin' ruler of the universe.

4:20 - Been poking around the web a little, just finished writing a long e-mail to the parents and swimmers or my team. It's around time that I start contemplating just leaving.

4:30 - Just got off the phone with Grandma. She's once again in the hospital. Doing fine, but in the hospital. Anways, screw this noise. I'm outie. Thanks for joining in on the life of Jonathan while at work.

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sayruh :) said...

sounds like a thrilling time.