Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day In My Life At Work - Thursday (10/23)

While thinking about what to write my next blog on, I realized that I should possibly capture all my life-changing, exciting moments while at work. I'll do my best to keep this guy time-lined and thorough. It'll be like Twitter but through blog. Anyways, hope you enjoy my life.

7:15 - Alarm goes off, I turn both alarms to what I assume is snooze.

8:05 - I wake up, turned out snooze was actually the off button. Oh well, I can shower and be at work a little after 8:30

8:40 - I arrive at my cubicle. I took my time walking to work. No rush to get there. I sit down and turn on my desk lights and computer.

9:00 - I've checked all three different e-mail accounts and have dealt with several confused swim parents. I now start going through procedural plans on how to manufacture our transmitter. My project requires me to create a process map on a thoroughly detailed account of how the 3150 transmitter is made

9:15 - Bored already. Same thing different numbers. I decide to listen to music. Been using too much so I decide to listen to

9:30 - Already watching the clock to see how long till lunch. With most procedure forms already printed off, I decide to check my blog.

9:35 - I come up with this blog's idea and start to chronically jot down my days happenings. I decide to keep this tab open to add as the day goes.

9:45 - My eyes keep stinging and watering . Don't know exactly what that means except maybe my body is starting to suffer from the mundane computer stare-off I have every day.

9:50 - Read my two favorite web comics Least I Could Do ( and Looking For Group (

10:05 - Water break, let's see where this takes me...

10:40 - Water break has ended. Recap of events. Got water. Mixed in tea packet. Talked with friends from old rotation. Got a couple people interested in going to BWW for lunch.

10:45 - Back to work after checking my mail again. Evan twittered a funny video (

10:55 - Already have had enough of the indie stuff. Moved back to but created a new station. Yeah, David Bowie...

11:30 - Wow, I actually did work for 30 minutes straight. Got bored and checked Twitter, apparently my favorite web comic character got a facebook account. Of course, I had to find him.

11:45 - Going to eat some BWW.

12:45 - Got back from lunch. Had me some Honey BBQ wings. Cute waitress kept asking our table if we needed refills. Back at the cube, don't want to work. Motivation has hit nil.

12:50 - Decided it's time to work on my daily crossword.

1:10 - Finished crossword. Only needed help with one word. Slowly getting better at those.

1:40 - Been surfing the web, came across an article about a huge spider eating a bird. I think I might be sick. I hate spiders.

1:50 - Too bored... Crossword # 2... I asked for something else to do or else if I could have an interview with my supervisor over what I've developed but he shrugged me off. Sometimes I feel like I'm just here to appease the higher powers that be.

2:05 - Finished this crossword. Struggled throughout it. My right ear of the headphones went out. There goes all stereo sound.

2:35 - Been reading some Darwin Awards. I think my new life goal is to not ever be published in the Darwin Awards.

3:20 - I'm slowing down. Have a severe lack of motivation. Tired of only liberal politic crap. I want something funny and original, not persuasive. I swear, you'd think the President was the freakin' ruler of the universe.

4:20 - Been poking around the web a little, just finished writing a long e-mail to the parents and swimmers or my team. It's around time that I start contemplating just leaving.

4:30 - Just got off the phone with Grandma. She's once again in the hospital. Doing fine, but in the hospital. Anways, screw this noise. I'm outie. Thanks for joining in on the life of Jonathan while at work.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Green Monster

An amazing fact: Jealousy is probably the most prevalent feeling amongst my relationships.

Now, everyone will read that and say, "Dude, that's not cool. You can't be jealous. You have to be indifferent, stoic in your feelings." What do I have to say to that? Nothing. I agree with almost everything they say. No healthy relationship can have the distrust that jealousy brings about. Maybe this alone could explain my current several year stint of bachelorhood? Now to attempt to best explain why these ideas and feelings exist within me.

Have you ever had that sinking suspicion that you're not the coolest and most fun person around? My jealousy derives itself from these questions. How else can you explain possibly being jealous of her gay guy-friends? It's because you feel as if that she enjoys her time with them more than with you. From there the jealousy just festers and grows till the point that you snap and visibly become jealous thus throwing the girl into conniptions.

After reading the last paragraph, you may try giving your pseudo-psychological analysis on my possible low self-esteem. I agree that I'm not the most cocky, arrogant prick around. I find the whole 'belief in oneself' theory as a narcissistic and pretentious attitude to take towards life. Personally, if I could, I'd probably punch every person with this egotistical arrogance in the face. What makes them such a God-send? If they can top my list of achievements in life then be my guest at bragging and acting better than me cause you are, but until then shut up (it's this attitude that leads me to believe that it's not my feelings of low esteem).

Maybe I should assume this demeanor of ego? I keep my mouth shut about so many things purely based on the moral of humility. I know what I've done and I'm proud of it. No sense running around gallivanting about them. But when flunking business majors with zero athletic ability and with even less motivation in their career are able to seduce women with purely their arrogance in NOTHING, then I'm staring down quite the predicament. While girls say what they want is this and this, they completely act differently. Girls in and of themselves are the most mysterious paradigm.

Wow, so the rant has flipped. I've started with myself and now have been able to 180 it back to girls. Anyways, I know this is probably the most nonlinear line of thinking. This comes from the fact that this is a rant and I'm just writing things as they come to me. Allow me to finish by telling the story of what brought about this rant:

On Friday night I took a girl out to see a movie. We have gone on several 'unofficial' dates and there was an obvious attraction to each other along with the given public displays of said affection. After the movie ended, I received a phone call from fellow workmates who were out and about the town. They wanted to meet the girl that was able to get me to shut up and go on a date (I'm quite the cynic on relationships). I ask my date and she seems more than willing to hang with my friends.

The night is going awesome. All my friends are loving my date and she is getting along great with everyone. Then comes the whole friend of a friend situation. Let's call him Foaf. Anyways, I notice that this fellow is attempting to bust-a-move with my date while on the dance floor. I remain cool. It's the dance floor, you're supposed to dance with other people. My friend comes up and mentions something about Foaf and how I need to go 'stake my claim' on my date. This seems preposterous to me because I thought it was kind of already assumed that, since there was visible PDA. Apparently, I was delaing with another cocky SoB.

I go to the dance floor several times whenever the mood stuck but never out of a jealous-driven reason. I went cause I found myself dancing to the song being played. Fast forward the hour or two to when we're walking back to my friends place. Foaf decides this is the perfect opportunity to upstage me with my date. I let them be. I just keep repeating to myself, "I will not be jealous. I have nothing to be jealous about."

We spend 30 minutes at my friends before I drive everyone home. This Foaf guy is relentless. His flirting ranges from the apparent following her around to spilling water on her pants. I've had about enough of the fellow but what do I say or do? "I won't be jealous." He follows us out and at some point must of swapped numbers with my date. "I won't be jealous." Then he immediately starts texting her as I'm driving her home. "I have nothing to be jealous about." She doesn't respond but here's what happened due from that night:

My date is an extremely friendly, flirtateous type that is best defined as having a free spirit. I don't know her extremely well. Was this just an innocent act or do I actually have something to be jealous about? I decide to try an experiment. I text her the next day while she is with friends, just to see how her day has gone. She doesn't text back. All of the sudden, I become the person being ignored. Did I so quickly assume that role the other guys assume when she's with someone? Do I have something to be jealous about? Do I have the reason to not trust her? Cue distrust.

Stupid feelings...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jon's Top 10 '80s List

Ok... So for my first list, I'm going to keep things simple. I'm going to list my top ten '80s POP songs. Mind you that there were many terrific bands in the 80s but this list is reserved strictly for pop songs. Anyways, here's my Top 10 80s Pop song...

10) 'Always Something There To Remind Me' - Naked Eyes

*Classic 80s sound with catchy lyrics and beat

9) 'Cars' - Gary Numan

*Ok, this song might sound annoying to others, but the heavy bass/synth screams everything that 80s pop was about. It is infectious.

8) 'Workin' for the Weekend' - Loverboy

*No need for an explanation on this workplace rallying chant.

7) 'Der Kommissar' - After the Fire

*Took me all last night and part of today but I finally found this stupid song, listen to it once and it's embedded in your brain.

6) 'Once in a Lifetime' - Talking Heads

*Probably one of my favorite bands from the 80s. They had several solid singles but this one stands above the others for its verses where he just talks and the chorus where everything comes together for a fun little diddy.

5) 'Whip It' - Devo

*Face it, you're already singing the song.

4) 'Centerfold' - J. Geils Band

* Solid song with hilarious lyrics. Probably will end up humming them for the rest of the night.

Now for my top 3

3) 'Rock the Cashbah' - The Clash

* Now there might be some arguement as to whether this is technically a '80s pop song, I argue that this is one of the best songs ever written. Even if this was a '80s rock list, it would be on here. This song rules!

2) 'Come on Eileen' - Dexy's Midnight Runners

* Come on, something this cool and it has a banjo! Of course it's in the top 3.

1) 'Take on Me' - A-ha's

* I know that this list doesn't have any hidden gems or anything on it. Pretty typical list right? Well if there's still a song hidden after 20+ years then it was probably hidden for a reason. This song defines '80s pop. End of discussion.

Anyways, I'm not claiming supremacy on anyone else's list or saying that these are THE best songs of the '80s, but I am saying if I was to make a CD with my favorite '80s pop songs. These would be on there. Hopefully you enjoyed this a tad more than my anger possessed scribblings.

* I feel that 'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Rick Astley deserves a mention on this list. Yes, it might be the most annoying song in history but even after some 20 odd years, that song still infects us all. Thank you viral videos...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I noticed that on my blog there consists only long rantings. No bullet points. No links. No pictures. Well, I'm going to attempt to change that. I'm going to post two funny pictures that make me smile any time I see them. Also, I'll start working on some bullet point or lists to do, just to change up the monotony of my ramblings.

Also, these pictures were found at

Venting While My MP3 Mocks Me

I decided to use this blog to better express my irritations with the 'streamline' Microsoft has supposedly achieved.

Upon the sad death day of my Creative Zen, my mother kindly donated her Microsoft Zune for a replacement. Terrific, I thought, now I use just the Windows Media Player from now on for all my music listenings on my computer. It went smoothly for the first month and a half.

As fate would have it, my Zune now states the the music on the device has been misplaced or can't be played. WTF? So, I sync it back up with my computer hoping for it to right its wrong. Alas, it screws up my computer giving me my first Blue Screen of Death.

Now, all my music that I use on the Zune was legitimately bought in hard copy form and then ripped to my WMP on the computer. No piracy, no download virus, no reprocussions for doing things illegally, right? Nay, I got the freakin' BSoD!

This pisses me off. I'm going to wipe my Zune's harddrive only to reload the CDs back onto it. That is, if the Zune software and synced hardware don't muck up my computer again. If I get any BSoD, I could very possibly just completely obliterate the existance of Zune on my computer. Then after several ancient Buddhist meditation sessions, I might reconsider giving it another try.

Wrapping up my ranting, I have often thought of switching to the Dark Side and buying an Apple iTouch (wifi capabilities kind of has me hooked), but I have held strong thus far. With new technology coming out, my reasoning has been to save money and get the best bloody freakin' device available. Zune has always been a top leader to me for MP3 devices. I am currently reevaluating those rankings, along with attempting to keep my sanity without my constant sidekick...

Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe