Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We All Had It Coming...

Alright, it's the end of September with only 5 weeks left till election day. I consider myself quite apathetic to the presidential outcome, it really all comes down to a situation of the lesser of two evils; but there are several things that are really starting to rub me the wrong way. Thus, everyone bored enough to read this will get to listen to me vent over the stupidity and arrogance of our nation's population. I'm not here to tell you who is right and wrong or even who I'm going to vote on, I just have to address several things that I find ridiculous.

On Saturday I had to go to a meeting with some fellow coaches. While sitting around waiting for everyone to show up, the conversation turned to politics (I did nothing to antagonize this outcome. I hate talking politics). After a few comments, someone says, "Well I'm for sure not going to vote for a Republican. I don't care who I vote for just not Republicans. They've messed our economy up too bad for me to want to vote another one of them into office again."

Everyone that knows me will know that if I'm not the Devil's Advocate for the conversation, I'm the guy that just can't let something so absurd slip by (thanks for instilling those Erik). Well after such a stupid comment I had to say something. I asked the person how she could justify something like that. Granted most people do not like President Bush, but is it really fair to state that all Republicans that follow will mirror him? I asked her about some key issues in the political race about both parties. Lo and behold, she had no clue about any of them. She was going to vote purely based on some vendetta against the Republican Party. It's this kind of ignorance that causes people like President Bush who have such a low approval rating to take office. Gah... They drives me nuts.

Next, I'm kind of a geek and surf the web quite often using websites such as digg.com and reddit.com for links to pictures, blogs, and articles. Around this time of the year it gets spammed by uber-liberal jerks who are using the websites purely as a propaganda podium. Am I to believe that an article bashing the opposing party is truely unbiased when under the link for the website there's a disclaimer stating that the statements on the following website could be erroneaous? Really? If I was like some people I know (see above paragraph), I would say screw the whiny lying Democrats who won't leave people be. There's no way I could vote for a party like that... Guys quit spamming the internet!

-Side note, I'm sure there are also many whiny Republicans out there spamming some conservative-based website. While I haven't come across them, they need to stop also. It's just so annoying!

Lastly, I'm going to stick with three points because it's close to lunch and I'm hungry. My third and final complaint is: just because I don't agree with you or vote the same party as you, doesn't mean that I'm an idiot or stupid or ignorant or etc. Just like everyone else who votes for the person that best fits that person's views, I vote for the person who I feel will best complement me and my ideas for the nation. So, back off. Due to several encounters with these pretentious dogmatic types, I just shut up and quit mentioning the choices I have made for President. Why do they feel like such the Godsend? Narcisistic fools...

Now that I have vented some, I feel better. I can't wait for this all to be over. Don't misread anything I've written, I am going to vote. I will be voting through an absentee ballot. Everyone who is legal should vote, don't make any excuses. If you don't vote, then three years from today I don't want to hear you whining and complaining about things. You have no right, complacent sluggard...

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